More than just a pool...

Not all swimming pools are created equal. That’s we make the extra effort to be sure the inground pools we build are second to none. The success of any pool installation project starts with understanding the landscape. We carefully assess every site to see how new pool construction will interact with the land now and in the future. From there, we work with you to discover what type of pool fits you best.

fiberglass pool

FIBERGLASS POOLS – Fiberglass pools have come a long way over the years. Moving away from the early days of generic “bathtub” styling, today’s fiberglass pool manufacturers have a wide variety of attractive pool designs and sizes. If you’re eager to get swimming in your own inground pool soon, a fiberglass pool might be right for you. One of the biggest advantages of fiberglass pools over gunite and vinyl is the installation timeframe. Because fiberglass pools are molded off-site and shipped to their install locations, they don’t take very long to get up and running when compared to other pool types.

VINYL POOLS – Vinyl liner pools offer more design flexibility than fiberglass pools. After the initial pool shell is constructed, a custom vinyl liner is installed to make the pool watertight. If you’re looking for a custom inground pool option that’s still economical, a vinyl liner pool might be just the thing. Vinyl pool installation is the most cost-effective option when compared to other methods of custom pool construction. Just remember that the vinyl liners may need to be replaced if they are damaged, but with proper care they can last a decade or more.

CONCRETE POOLS – If breathtaking landscape design is your ultimate goal, there is no better choice than a concrete pool. Concrete pool construction starts with a steel frame that serves as the rough outline for the pool. Craftsmen then use special equipment to shoot gunite or shotcrete onto the frame, shaping what will become the final swimming pool. Because of the handcrafted nature of concrete pool construction, the pools boast the most flexibility in custom design, and offer an attractive finished look over vinyl or fiberglass pools. One thing to consider with a concrete or gunite pool is regular cleaning. The distinctive, coarse finish that makes these pools so appealing also makes an inviting home for algae, so it’s important to have a solid chlorination plan.

No matter the type, our goal is creating a pool and landscape design that meets all of your needs. We’ll lead you through the design and construction process so you can feel confident about your new backyard oasis. Whether you’re revamping your own fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete pool or dreaming about what your landscape could become with a custom inground pool by in2blue design, we’re ready to hear from you. Reach out on our site or give us a call (203) 939-9777

Design For Real World Environments

Lately, I've noticed so many companies that claim to be "design-build" professionals without much to back it up.  What makes you a design professional?  Re-hashing ideas from on-line images? Out sourcing your design work to a third party and then claiming it as your own? Thumbing through magazines and trying to imitate someone else's work or forcing into an environment it's not suited for?  I'm not saying that finding inspiration in the works of others isn't something I do on a regular basis because it certainly is, but rather than deliberately ripping off ideas, I use it to fan the creative fire and to get me excited about the project I'm working on.  I try to find inspiration not only in the works of fellow landscape designers/builders but also in the works of artists, photographers, chefs, authors and most importantly the people and landscapes around me. I truly love what I do creating pool and landscape environments.  Starting with the site plan and spatial layout, creating 3D renderings depicting the finished product, finalizing hardscape and plant materials and lastly budgeting and construction. It all makes me feel so fulfilled and watching the joy it brings to our clients takes it to another level. Creating gathering spaces and environments that families will use to entertain, celebrate and improve their quality of life is pure joy.  Making a home feel more connected to the outside worldwhich in turn draws its residents out into nature is my true goal.  Connectedness to the earth and your surroundings truly is design for the real world, no gimmicks just good design....